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We provide you with guidance to make sure you have the best chance of getting your student visa. We help you with the entire visa process from filling out the application forms to preparing financial statements.

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We’ll help you find the best undergraduate and graduate programs.

We will help you find the best undergraduate and graduate programs and assist you with your application. Applying to a college or university is stressful in any context, but it can be especially complicated when applying to a school in a foreign country whose standards and customs you might not be familiar with. Each school has its own admission requirements and expectations of its chosen applicants.

Go Easy makes the application process a more relaxed, comfortable, and exciting process. We provide support as required throughout the entire application process.

School Selection

We provide free school selection guidance to all international students

Many students find the school selection process to be quite stressful; the school you select will play a large role in your future, it will help or hinder your career development, and it will be the place where many of your life-long friendships are established.

Let us help you to find the best school for you.

Program Selection

We’ll help you find the best undergraduate and graduate programs.

With hundreds of programs in Canadian institutions, you have many options to choose from when planning your academic journey. Since each program has different admission requirements, it is important to make sure that you satisfy the requirements – and we can help with that.

Admission Guidance

We provide help with every aspect of the admission process for international students

Different institutions may have different criteria for admission, which can be hard to keep track of. The internet can also contain a lot of information, which adds more confusion. We can help you filter the information and tailor your personal goals and wishes to the right university and course options that are best suited to your profile. We stay up to date with the changing norms and criteria of the universities to provide the best chances of getting your application accepted. Our high acceptance rate has made Go Easy the leading education consultant in India.


We provide airport pick-up to all international students

We provide Airport Pick-up to all international students arriving in Toronto. Any requests for an airport pick-up must be made 72 hours in advance of the flight’s arrival. We will reply to you by e-mail with a confirmation. Requests made without 72 hours (3 days) prior notice cannot be guaranteed.

Medical Insurance

Receive medical insurance through any Canadian post-secondary institution

All post-secondary institutions in Canada have medical insurance plans available to international students. Sometimes institutions will require purchasing medical insurance; in any case, it is advisable to purchase health insurance to avoid fees. We can advise students on how to purchase travel health insurance.


Visa Guidance

We make sure you have the best chances.

We provide you with guidance to make sure you have the best chance of getting your student visa. We help you with every step of the way to getting a visa including filling out application forms and preparing financial statements.

Pre-Departure Services

Preparing to arrive in Canada

There are some things you will need to prepare for before arriving in Canada – everything from organizing your travel documents, to finding somewhere to live. Let us advise you on what your next steps are so you can be fully prepared.